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Posted at 12/30/2016 1:36 PM By / Category: Our Story

Check out the exclusive interview with Basic Outfitters Co-Founders Laura and Michael Dweck. Find out what was going through their heads before, during and after the Shark Tank Appearance. Basic Outfitters Shark Tank Appearance will be on January 6th 2017 on ABC


  • Tell us about your audition for the show.
    • We sent a cold email to a generic casting email address and didn’t hear back for 3 months! We had to send in an application video that we sent in the mail on a USB along with shark gummies, money themed mints and blue rock candy to “sweeten’' the deal!
  • What was your reaction when you learned you were going to appear on the show?
    • We FREAKED out. It was a lot of hard work getting through the process and nothing was guaranteed, so when we heard we’d be flying to LA to film we were ecstatic! We definitely busted out a happy dance.
  • Did you target any specific sharks or were you open to all of them?
    • We knew going into the tank that each one would bring something unique to our business, so we were open to all but had a specific ranking of which we wanted to work with the most.
  • How did you feel when you were on set?
    • We were more nervous in the preparation for the show, but on set luckily our nerves were almost non-existent. The set was familiar since we’ve watched so many episode of the show, which helped a lot. As we were prepping our product for the set, we saw Robert and Daymond walking around, so it made it a lot more casual. We filmed on Robert’s birthday and we saw the cake the cast got him backstage. They gave it to him right before our segment filmed! It was such a cool experience.
  • How did you prepare for going into the tank?
    • We prepared every possible question with all of our answers, we created flash cards and we practiced and studied our numbers and data like crazy people. It was like business boot camp. We practiced our pitch night and day and had a mock panel of sharks to prep. We knew everything there is to know about our business and made sure everything rolled off the tongue! 
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When it comes to public relations, the old adage of “image is everything” applies perfectly. PR Couture is a website that’s been called “The Fashion PR Bible”, a major destination for all things related to trends and brands affecting not only public relations, but also social media and marketing.


We’re honored and very excited to report we were recently mentioned in a PR Couture post titled “PR Couture PR Guy Holiday Gift Guide”. As the title suggests, the post includes a list of gifts that would suit any PR dude, and our Create-A-Drawer was featured on the list! With the choice of nineteen top quality and fashionable basics to choose from for only $60, it’s the perfect gift for the PR guy who wants to look impeccably dapper, professional, and command attention without spending a ton of money.


Guys aren’t easy to shop for, and Create-A-Drawer is an easy choice that allows for plenty of options. Choose your favorite basics including fashion socks in as little as two minutes or give your favorite guy a Basic Outfitters gift card and let him get as creative as he likes with his choices. Have fun!

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We’re super excited to announce Basic Outfitters will to be one of the featured entrepreneurs on the current season of Shark Tank, set to air on January 6th, 2017! In case you happen to be unfamiliar with the show, it’s a reality series on the ABC network where contestants present their business to a group of “shark” investors. These investors then decide whether or not to invest in the business and they include famous names and fellow entrepreneurs like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, inventor Lori Greiner, and apparel company FUBU CEO Daymond John. Celebrities like actor and investor Ashton Kutcher have also made guest appearances on the show.


If you’d like to check out the episode of Shark Tank and see us pitch Basic Outfitters to the sharks, set your DVRs for Friday, January 6th at 9:00-10:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC. In the meantime, you can continue your holiday shopping by checking out our collection of underwear, socks, and loungewear. Purchase items individually, take the guesswork out of gift giving with one of our gift cards, or give the basics drawer a complete makeover with up to nineteen basics of your choice for only $60 using Create-A-Drawer. As our holiday gift to you, we’ll ship your Basic, Fashion, or Holiday Drawer to your home or your gift recipient’s home at no extra cost.

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Chances are you know or live with someone who is always posting selfies at the gym, sharing motivational fitness posts on social media, or using Snapchat to share their latest protein-fueled meal. The guys that like to spend their free time building muscle, playing sports, and generally prefer to live an active lifestyle. If you’re searching for a useful gift for the athlete in your life, we have many choices in many different styles.


When it comes to athletic socks, some guys prefer a certain length. Your guy may like the Crew Sock while your friend prefers the Quarter Sock style. Or maybe you have a family member who likes those No Show socks that appear like they aren’t wearing socks at all (we highly advise against not wearing socks!) when they’re working out. We have all of these styles for varying preferences and they’re made to be durable to ensure maximum performance even if the person spends all day at the gym. Our performance socks feature Dri-Motion wicking technology, arch support and antimicrobial treatment for freshness. 


If your favorite fitness buff needs more than just socks, check out Create-A-Drawer! Gift them up to nineteen pieces including awesome socks, comfy underwear, a v-neck, crew-neck or ribbed undershirt, and a jogger sweatpant for just $60 and they’ll be all set for the gym!

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In a parallel universe, we would all know exactly the right gift to give that special person who just seems so impossible to shop for or insists “whatever you give me is fine”. Alas, some of us don’t have that superhero ability to buy great gifts, but thankfully, gift cards are here to save the day and save you some stress. Say hello to Gift-the-Drawer!


You can’t go wrong with a gift card, especially when it involves receiving up to nineteen fresh, premium quality basics. Purchase one of our $60 gift cards and your recipient can mix and match countless combinations to suit his style consisting of socks, underwear, tees and joggers as part of our Create-A-Drawer feature. You’re essentially paying one small price for a total of nineteen quality gifts, which is probably eighteen more than just the one your recipient expected! Once they’ve found their unique style, they’ll be thanking you for finally being able to give their basics drawer a fresh and perhaps a much-needed makeover.


Because it’s the holiday season, your recipient can choose the Basic Drawer, Fashion Drawer, or the new limited edition Holiday Drawer, a fun No-Ho-Ho-Ho Brainer Gift. Each drawer allows plenty of creativity and it only takes about two minutes to customize and complete.


It’s super simple to get started with our easy Gift-the-Drawer. Enter your name, enter their name and email address and throw in a custom message. You can get as funny, creative, or sentimental as you like. Happy gifting!

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December has officially arrived! Time to start thinking about who’s been on your naughty and nice list as you figure out what gifts to get. We have a few suggestions for some fun gifts for the men in your life.


For the Gamer


Whether they prefer the simpler days of playing Pac-Man on Atari, Super Mario Bros. on Nintendo or like to talk smack during an online deathmatch on their Xbox or Playstation, the Gamer Sock Pack is the perfect gift!


For Those That Prefer the Old School Feel of Tighty-Whities


You may know someone that still likes to wear briefs and likes to be active, or considers himself style conscious. Our low-rise briefs maintain a comfortable fit with a modern design and material that won’t cause that pesky leg hugging feeling that some guys find uncomfortable. Plus, we sell them in packs of 5, sweet deal. 


For the Homebody


Our joggers definitely beat the unkempt look of shiny basketball shorts. They’ll look spot on any day of the week and they’re great for working out too.


When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind


Having trouble deciding? Choose our Create-A-Drawer, select up to nineteen basics, and you can get as fun and eclectic as you like while saving lots of time and money. The Holiday Drawer is also a fun, festive gift that includes some pretty awesome holiday-themed basics.

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Do you have someone in your life that insists on changing into basketball shorts when they get home to lounge around the house? We’re sure you can think of at least one person. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing a pair of shorts typically meant for playing sports around the house, nothing beats slipping into some nice clothing specifically intended for lounging.


When it comes to loungewear, there are guys that swear by v-necks and then there are the ones that prefer the classic crew neck or like to show off the results of their intense workouts with a rib tank. Whatever the preference, having loungewear that’s not only comfy, but also presentable will make you feel great about a Netflix and Chill night in. Thankfully, as you’re browsing through our loungewear selection you’ll find plenty of choices in an array of colors just in case your recipient prefers the traditional black, white or gray or maybe a shirt in blue, navy, or red. Not only will they look good, they’ll also stay nice and warm when the temperatures plummet.


Remember you can pair the loungewear shirts or tanks with one of our ultra comfy joggers, underwear, and some warm socks with our Create-A-Drawer. You can choose up to nineteen basics for just $60 that you can give as a warm gift, literally and figuratively.

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The holiday season is considered a time to give thanks and share a nice gift or two with the people in your life you consider awesome and important. Whether it’s your best friend, your father, or someone else who holds a special place in your heart, giving is always better than receiving, right? Well, we think it’s just as great to receive as it is to give, which is why we’re sure you’ll absolutely love our Give $15, Get $15 offer.

The process is a piece of cake. Just give us your name and email and we’ll send you a unique code you can use to share with your special person or any of your friends and family through text, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever social network you like to use. When he or she makes their first purchase of at least $60 or more, you both save $15! Pretty cool, huh?

Our Create-A-Drawer costs just $60 for nineteen premium quality basics so it’s definitely a nice incentive to freshen up the basics drawer. With the introduction of our limited edition Holiday Drawer just in time for the holidays, it’s certainly a fun—and not to mention practical—gift for the season! Happy sharing!

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There are briefs and then there are boxer briefs, but did you know there’s also a sort of “in between” option? With the gift-giving season kicking into overdrive, you might be thinking about what to get the men in your life. Instead of having to choose between briefs or boxer briefs, you could always opt for one of our 3 pack trunks.


No, we aren’t talking about swim trunks. Our trunks are like the lovechild of a brief and boxer brief. Think of them as boxer briefs with shorter legs and more of a square cut appearance. Fans of briefs looking to try something new will probably appreciate trunks as they offer a comfortable, modern fit.


There’s no reason to take your underwear too seriously. If you know someone who’s a cycling fan, the Trunk Bicycle Pack is the perfect gift. Now that marijuana has been legalized in more places, the Trunk Cannabis Pack is a fun novelty gift for the guy in love with "Mary Jane". For a simple yet fun and graphic pack try the Polka Dot/Stripe Trunk Pack.


Remember you can always add the trunks plus additional socks, tees and a jogger with our Create-A-Drawer. Happy trunk giving!

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The Food Snob.  The Coffee Snob.  The Beer Snob.  You know at least one of them, if not all three, and if you know none, consider yourself lucky.  Chain restaurants are unacceptable, Starbucks is for amateurs, and don’t you dare offer him a Bud Light! Appease even the most pretentious of food & beverage “experts” this holiday season with pattern-pertinent 4-pack socks from Basic Outfitters.  Pizza lovers, caffeine freaks, and craft brew kings will rejoice alike as they don their oh-so-appropriate apparel. 


For The Coffee Snob


For those of us that can’t begin our day without a trip to our local artisan coffee shop or firing up the Keurig, the Breakfast Sock is the perfect way of saying, “Don’t talk to me ‘til I’ve had my daily cup of java.”


For The Foodie


For the pizza eating, burger loving man in your life, these socks will put a smile on their face and feet.  


For the Beer Afficianado


For the local craft brew king, give them a reason to cheers to their passion at all hours of the day, not just happy hour.


For The Hot Shot


For the sriracha doursing, jalepeno popping hot shot in your life. Help them add some spice to their wardrobe.


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